Day: April 2, 2024

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My Night at Cash Cobain’s Slizzy Fest

I’ve been having some poor luck at shows lately. Previously, I’ve tried to go to Lucki’s Listening Party for Flawless Like Me, which winded up getting shut down by NYPD…

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Gabe ‘Nandez & Wino Willy New EP “Object Permanence” Releasing April 24th

New York-based rapper Gabe ‘Nandez will be releasing a new EP with New Orleans-based producer Wino Willy in 2024. Titled Object Permanence, the EP will be releasing April 24th. The…

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Mozzy New Album “CHILDREN OF THE SLUMS” Releasing April 19th

Sacramento, California rapper Mozzy will be releasing a new album in 2024. Titled CHILDREN OF THE SLUMS, the album will be releasing April 19th. Features on the album include Fridayy,…

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Cookin Soul & The Musalini New Album “MACKARONI” Releasing April 4th

New York rapper The Musalini will be working with Spanish producer Cookin Soul for a new album in 2024. Titled MACKARONI, the album will be releasing April 4th. Three singles…

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Daily Discoveries (April 2nd 2024)

Today’s playlist includes royal, diebysix, armani7 and more. Tracklist: Read more articles Find our reviews Check out playlists Subscribe to the official YouTube channel