26AR 2021 Recap Playlist

26AR has proven to be one of the brightest stars of the NY Drill scene. Blasting on to the scene in 2020, his 2021 has been just as eventful. Here we’ll recap some of his best songs.

6 Foot 7 Foot (with Tazzo B)

Remixing Lil Wayne’s classic track into a drill cut, the 2605 duo flips it into a new classic. 26AR’s verses are fresh as anything on his album, him & Tazzo trade verses with immaculate charisma. While Tazzo may not come through the insane yelling energy he’ll usually bring to a track, he comes across as clear & confident in his verses about his beefs. If this duo is something you would want to hear more of, check out their collab album here.


On a solo cut, 26AR comes through with a standard NY drill cut. For this track, he proves on the track he’s unfuckwitable. He questions all his opps actually street credibility, and proudly claims his own. This is something that is undeniable, considering his recent release from a prison stint of four years.

Who I Smoke (with Rocko Ballin & NiikoSuav)

While the Florida cut “Who I Smoke” received countless remixes, the 2605 remix brought a different style to the it. Instead of sampling of the original Vanessa Carlton song, the 2605 remix takes an NY drill approach to the track with the drum patterns. The vocal duty is handed off to Rocko Ballin, who brings an incredible performance. Just like the original track, everyone on the track namedrops their dead opps.


Mimicking a gun on the track, 26AR’s aggression on the track is relentless. He does not lay off the dissing despite his increased notoriety. With production handled by EliWTF & Luca Beats, all this makes for one of 26AR’s most memorable songs. So many tracks of his had been released in his 2021, we can only hope for an album around the corner.

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