26AR – 4 the Drench (Review)

26AR continues to release fantastic material on a loose EP.

26AR’s drops have been sporadic but nonstop over the course of 2021. His 2021 saw the release of an EP, multiple loose singles, features, remixes and now a new EP. With the lack of another full release, he’s someone that you might be tapped into unless you’re truly paying attention to the scene. His recent EPs are clearly aware of that too, the previous one being named Only 4 Slimes and this new one being named 4 The Drench. These releases are clearly not to run up the charts, but they’re for the ones that are truly paying attention to what is going on.

The track list is filled with bangers for the short runtime of about ten minutes. “Heavenly” feels closest to a mainstream sound, using a sample like other songs in the sample drill scene. While the sample drill scene seems to use the sample as the focus, 26AR cuts right through with him being the focus. He talks about his women, having his crew on his back, and his wealth despite all the struggles. Its a track that feels like a victory lap, which is worthy considering how big his rise has been.

The rest of the tracks are much more standard drill cuts. They do not focus on samples and feature the classic sliding 808s. “Don’t Ask” is a no bullshit track, directly dissing and namedropping opps. This doesn’t stop either on tracks like “Get Busy,” another ruthless cut.

“What I Do” is a true highlight. The song uses this warped sample with some strings directly contrasting with the hard hitting 808s. 26AR talks about who he does all this work for, and everything that’s at risk if they get caught. On tracks like this, you can feel how the world seems to be on his back. Despite his prison stint, he kept his faith and now has much more on his plate than ever before.

26AR’s run throughout 2021 has been one to experience. For those looking out, he’s easily one of the best in the scene. The lack of another focused project though does seem to stifle growth into a bigger audience. One thing is for certain, he has proven himself as a voice of the NY drill scene. Now its time to grow further so the whole world knows. With the year closing out, hopefully this is his plan for 2022.

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