2nd Generation Wu Album “Hereditary” Re-releasing January 19th

Sons of Wu-Tang members, 2nd Generation Wu will be re-releasing their 2021 album in 2024. Titled Hereditary, the album will release January 19th. Features on the album include Inspectah Deck, Pxro, Supreme-Intelligence and more.

The tracklist is as follows:

  1. Royal Genetics
  2. Wrong Route
  3. Pxrokinesis (ft. Pxro)
  4. Weapon X
  5. Guess Who? (ft. Supreme-Intelligence)
  6. Shotgun
  7. From the Isles of Staten
  8. Alotta Loot
  9. Express Power (ft. The 3rd)
  10. Blockchain
  11. Mental Stimulus (ft. Supreme-Intelligence)
  12. Goldn Meathooks (ft. Sith, Inspectah Deck & Prema777)
  13. We Are Here Now (Double CD Edition Only)
  14. Stank Face (Double CD Edition Only)
  15. Legacy Drip (Double CD Edition Only)
  16. Knowledge of Self (Double CD Edition Only)
  17. Killas in the Cut (Double CD Edition Only)
  18. Risky (Double CD Edition Only)
  19. Dead Slang (Double CD Edition Only)
  20. Life of Mazes (Double CD Edition Only)
  21. 7.O.D. (Double CD Edition Only)

Fro the Bandcamp description:

2nd Generation Wu aka WuGang has fully embraced the Wu’s legacy.

The group — which consists of iNTeLL (son of U-God), PXWER (son of Method Man), SUN GOD (son of Ghostface Killah), and Young Dirty Bastard (son of the late Old Dirty Bastard) with extension to Pxro (son of Masta Killa), Supreme-Intelligence (son of Ghostface) and more finally brings this on physical due to popular demand.

Album comes in two form, Original Edition with different Cover art and 3 songs that’s not on Double Edition. The Double Edition is a double CD with alternate cover art and contains about 7 songs that are not on the Original Edition.

Pre-Order on Bandcamp

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