A Look at the Weird World of 454 Productions

While 454 has been bubbling up with his odd-ball brand of Florida raps, he’s been in the game for awhile. While his projects under the 454 name date back to 2019, his career as a producer dates back to 2013. Here, we’ll take a look at some of the highlights of his producer credits.

Playboi Carti – YUNGXANHOE

The iconic beat, sampling the Playstation 2 startup theme, still holds up to this day. Released in 2014, the song features a young Playboi Carti rapping a raw verse. In fact you can still find the original beat, in its original eight minute runtime on his YouTube page.

XXXTENTACION – BLOOD STAINS (ft. Lil RedDot & Ski Mask the Slump God)

Just on the cusp of XXXTENTACION’s big mainstream release, 454 got the same production credit with him on the SoundCloud release Ice Hotel. This track features the same beat that Carti had used, but is notable for X taking a shot at it just before any real success. A classic collaboration between XXXTENTACION & Ski Mask The Slump God; the track also features Lil RedDot, who was an early collaborator of XXXTENTACION.

Smokepurpp – $OUF

An early song from Smokepurrp, this all came together before his quintessential track “Audi” and the rise of Lil Pump. A lofi recording, the track features a young Smokepurrp still establishing the style that would bring the hits later on.

RVMIRXZ – Im Ridin’ (ft. Magic)

Before G59 Records & everyone hyping the album Tha Playa$ Manual, Ramirez/RVMIRXZ had been rapping under the name Da’Vinci. He changed the stage name to the current name with the release Trillity, which just so happened to be where 454 got a placement. The track perfectly encapsulates that Memphis/Phonk sound, showing diversity as a producer.

Black Smurf – R E H A B

Member of East Memphis Boyz, the Memphis native Black Smurf had also tapped into some early 454 production. A luxurious sample serves as the backdrop, and some classic style Memphis peer in when necessary.

ZelooperZ – Don’t leave

Years later, under the 454 name instead of Sqvxlls, we see 454 linking up with all types of people. In this case, he had collaborated with Detroit MC Zelooperz, creating a beat in the style that can be currently heard in 454’s solo works. The fast paced drums seemingly pulling from the Jook movement in Florida create a world that looks unlikely for Zelooperz, but totally works.

Niontay – PUMPFAKE

Niontay has been getting some traction around the way, having collaborations with 454 & NYC rapper MIKE. He had actually grown up around 454, as Niontay had stated in his interview with EricTheYoungGawd. Having a natural relationship, their collaborations continue to happen to this day, possibly ushering a new style of rap we have yet to see hit a pinnacle yet.

You can still find 454’s beats under the name of SQVXLLS’ on his YouTube Channel:


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