Action Bronson – Cocodrillo Turbo (Review)

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Coming into an Action Bronson album, you’re probably looking for two things: Standout, lush beats, and absurd shit talk. Bronsolino holds steady with that on his newest album, Cocodrillo Turbo, to great success. Most renowned for his early mixtapes (such as the Blue Chips series and Rare Chandeliers with The Alchemist), he is enjoying a subtle mid career renaissance lately. This stretch of projects since 2018’s White Bronco – all short, animal themed, with covers painted by the man himself – are really enjoyable listens that don’t command to much attention, and that’s the context where he fits best.

And you can guaran-damn motherfuckin-tee we don’t need the J Balvin meal

Cocodrillo Turbo sees Bronson once again dipping into the New York revival scene which he so notably influenced. Production is handled primarily by Daringer, The Alchemist, and even Roc Marciano. They do an incredible job of keeping that tough, dusty sound while placing a uniquely tropical twist on it all.

“Subzero” for example, with its constant build, sounds like an underwater action scene, while “Turkish” and “Zambezi” evoke the bayou. Meanwhile, “Jaguar” and “Estaciones” have a more luxurious vibe. The sounds of growling cats and the rain forest on transitions tie things together as well.

Lyrically, this is everything you’d expect from Action Bronson. He always manages to pack in countless namedrops, pop culture references, similes, and hilariously ostentatious flexes. Even after more than a decade in the game, his style still works because there’s always a creative new way to say the same street shit. You can hear that influence heavily in guys like Your Old Droog. On some levels, you can even hear in recent years that Bronson is just in a better, happier place in life – notably healthier and more jovial in interviews – and it manifests in his delivery.

There are some killer features on Cocodrillo Turbo as well; Meyhem Lauren leaves us fiending for his forthcoming Daringer collab, Roc Marci brings dense rhymes as always (“Lawyers like Cochran, Run in your thot rocking a cock ring”), and Conway absolutely steals the show with a rare casual, fun verse for him.

You kiss it up to God and shoot it in your toe
My favorite Starter jacket was the Seminoles
Shawty pussy wetter than a gremlin’s nose
I’ve done things only the Devil knows
Got bicep tendonitis from revving the boat

If nothing else, Action Bronson needs to start getting his flowers as one the most unique and innovative of his scene. With yet another short and sweet project, we are happy to keep getting that stimulus of fun bars and top shelf beats from The Don.

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