AJ Suede, Coffee & Staying Caffeinated

As a creative would know, the usage of coffee is a staple. No matter the art form, whether it be film with David Lynch or in this case AJ Suede & his music. Throughout his discography, you can find many mentions to his usage with the drink. Here we’ll list out the ones we were able to find scattered about.

Elysium (Prod. by Televangel) [Metatron’s Cube]

Black coffee no cream or the sugar

Maybach Mobile Suit (Prod. by Small Professor) [Hundred Year Darkness]

Caffeinated early & it gives me the jitters

Facility (ft. Rozz Dyliams & Wolftone) [Gotham Fortress]

I’m the caffeine fiend

Make a Difference (Prod. by Nedarb Nagrom) [System of a Frown 2]

Drank so much coffee it don’t make a difference

Gluten Rich (Prod. by AJ Suede) [Darth Sueder]

And I’m still faded & getting caffeinated

Pillow (Prod. by BB Sun) [Thank God It’s Raining]

Copped the twenty dollar coffee & a zip of loud

Time Alone (Prod. by AJ Suede) [Darth Sueder II: Goth Marciano]

And every day I gotta have a forty ounce of coffee

City Hunter (Prod. by Wolftone) [SUPASUEDE]

Now every morning its coffee with weed

Comic Sans (Prod. by Lamb Rabbit) [Lamb Rabbit / AJ Suede]

Put that coffee on carafe

I’m the One (Prod. by Lamb Rabbit) [Lamb Rabbit / AJ Suede]

Drink a hundred cups of coffee now my hands are shaking

Refinery (ft. DoNormaal) [Melancholy Trill 2]

Coffee got me off the wall

The Lootrz – Weed & Coffee (ft. AJ Suede) [2017]

Weed & Coffee at the same time

Coffee at Night (Prod. by TMLO) [Thank God It’s Raining]

Fuck Starbucks

I drink the coffee at night

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