AJ Suede – Indica Music (Review)

AJ Suede’s newest project may be a short one, but its one packed with bars. Production just as trippy as the cover art, he cuts through it all with his personal strife of finding freedom through his artistry. Hitting with harsh reality in every line, he seeks to bring those struggling to do the same along with him in his journey.

No better track is an encapsulation of this than “Thot.” On here, he constantly toes the line of going nearly broke to put his art out there for the world to hear. Despite the endless hours put into dead end jobs to make his music thrive, his full belief that he’s one of the best has driven him to success.

“Weaponize” continue this same theme, zero hooks in sight as an aim to raise others along in his journey. Putting highlights on those hustle-focused individuals, those that look for endless advice on how to find success, he also recognizes how lopsided the game is in its recognition. With all this in mind, he still puts emphasis on family life & how important it is to enjoy life.

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The project is filled with some of the trippiest loops imaginable. Production being handled by the likes of Khrist Koopa, Wolftone, Small Professor & Hann 11 to name just a few, all of them have their own small flourishes that gives their own life to the instrumentals. All of them give this feeling of an older 60s movie, but with a slight hip hop flair amongst the drums. This backdrop for AJ Suede’s more modern hustler mentality give a feeling like none other.

The remembrance of the hard times last throughout his lyrics, like on “Marian Apparition” he recounts surviving the Bush Era & its subprime mortgage crisis that caused the Great Recession. Throughout his music, there’s constant highs & lows, multiple successes & near losses. Having survived the worst of the worst, he knows others can find relatability in trying to strive through the struggle.

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