AJ Suede & Televangel New Album “Parthian Shots” is Releasing March 2023

Following up their previous collaboration Metatron’s Cube, AJ Suede & Televangel will be releasing another album. Dropping March of this year, the album’s title will be Partian Shots. The album will release through Fake Four, the same label that released their previous collaboration.

AJ Suede shows no signs of slowing down, coming off the back of an already prolific 2022. In January of 2022 he released the previously mentioned collaboration with Televangel, Metatron’s Cube. Later in April he released a collaboration with Small Professor, titled Hundred Year Darkness. Returning to self-production, he dropped Oil on Canvas in August of that year as well.

November he released the seventh installment of his Darth Sueder series, titled Darth Sueder 7: Rogues Gallery. While that was the end of his 2022, he quickly returned in January 2023 with the release of Indica Music. Check out our review of Indica Music as well!

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