AKAI SOLO New Album “Verticality//Singularity” Releasing December 8th

Brooklyn, New York rapper AKAI SOLO will be releasing a new album in 2023. Titled Verticality//Singularity, the album will release December 8th. Production includes credits from Earl Sweatshirt, Black Noise, Roper Williams and more.

The tracklist is as follows:

  1. Impel Down
  2. Bespoke
  3. Dan Mori
  4. Attack on Titan
  5. All Yours
  6. Last Ride Via Pierce
  7. Black Flash
  8. Waveland
  9. Elephant Gatling
  10. Play the Crib
  11. No Hold
  12. Nothing Less Nothing More
  13. One for All
  14. Ghost
  15. Murphys Law
  16. Stormin Norm

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