American Poets 2099 Re-Release “Murderous Poetry 1” Releasing December 25th

California rap group American Poets 2099 will be re-releasing their 2012 album in 2023. Titled Murderous Poetry 1, the album will release December 25th. Performances on the album include Weapon-X, Pro the Leader, Nova-Kane, The Holocaust and more.

The tracklist is as follows:

  1. Ace Gauntlit & Nova-Kane – Awkward Fly
  2. Weapon-X, Pro The Leader, X-P & Nova-Kan – Battle Ship
  3. The Holocaust – Nas Diss (Original Version)
  4. Pro the Leader & Bootface – Been Fresh
  5. Nova-Kane, Bootface, Holocaust, Pro the Leader, Vast Aire, 2Mex & Atlantis Scrolls – Punch Your Face
  6. Nova-Kane, Pro the Leader & White Lotus – Show Um How
  7. Nova-Kane, Pro the Leader & C-Rayz Walz – Murderous Pt. 2
  8. Nova-Kane – Animosity
  9. Pro the Leader, The Holocaust, Weapon-X & Nova-Kane – Capture
  10. Pro the Leader, The Holocaust, White Lotus & Nova-Kane – Rusted Hearts (Original Version)
  11. Pro the Leader, Bootface & Atlantis Scrolls – Strike When the Time is Right
  12. Atlantis Scrolls – Words from Scrolls
  13. Pro the Leader & Atlantis Scrolls – Hulk Smash
  14. Pro the Leader, Ace Gauntlit & Weapon-X – Blast Off
  15. Tragedy Khadafi & Nova-Kane – Thieves in the Hallway
  16. Ace Gauntlit – Tuxedo Magician
  17. Pro the Leader, C-Rayz Walz & Bootface – Return of the Retards
  18. The Holocaust, Pro the Leader & Nova-Kane – Conan
  19. LoDeck, 2Mex & Atlantis Scrolls – Mind Expansion
  20. Bootface – War is Now
  21. Crisis Tha Sharpshooter, Pro the Leader, Nova-Kane & Christ Bearer – Outta Ya Reach

Pre-Order on Bandcamp

From the Bandcamp pre-order page:

The American Poets 2099 are back spittin’ fire on Murderous Poetry, a follow-up to their self titled American Poets. Re-release with new cover art.

Members Nova-Kane, Pro the leader, The Holocaust, Atlantis Scrolls, Bootface, Ace Gauntlit and extended brother C-rayz Walz make this album a full on raw hip hop gem. The American Poets 2099 bring a series of notable features to their second mixtape offering with, C-Rayz Walz, Vast Aire, Tragedy Khadafi, Lo Deck, White Lotus, Crisis, and Visionaries emcee 2Mex, among many others.

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