A Guide to the New York Drill Scene

The NY Drill scene may have fallen off of people’s radars since the death of Pop Smoke, but it is one that has proven to be relentless. While the scene may not be album focused (Tending to be more single oriented), there is new music coming out every day. The sound of the scene hasn’t stagnated since the death of its brightest star, it actually has evolved further into what people are referring to as Sample Drill. Here, we’ll give a guide to the scene with some of the best albums to hear.

Pop Smoke – Meet The Woo Vol. 1 & 2

The scene is impossible to talk about without the mention of Pop Smoke. Both of his Meet The Woo tapes pushed the scene to new heights. The first Meet The Woo feels like this atmospheric, dark, smoky club located in the most underground parts of town, the second one feels lighter with tracks like “Element” providing more standardized NY bangers. Both tapes are NY Drill in its prime, paired with a perfect voice for rap that’s comparable to the likes of 50 Cent & DMX. His death is one of the saddest because there was so much clear potential. Rest in Peace to Pop Smoke.

Stream Meet The Woo Vol. 1 here.

Stream Meet The Woo Vol. 2 here.

Sleepy Hallow – Sleepy 4 President

Sleepy Hallow’s Deep End Freestyle stays one of his biggest to date. Production being handled by Great John, who has worked with the likes of other drill superstars Sheff G & Eli Fross, provides Sleepy with a simple sample and Sleepy provides a single verse. The simple structure of the track allows his lyrics to be alive and felt. The other tracks on the album deal with an insight to his pain and traumas, especially on tracks like “6AM in NY.” On tracks like these he flexes his singing abilities, giving new dimensions and meaning to the NY Drill Scene.

Stream Sleepy 4 President here.

22Gz – The Blixky Tape 2

Twirlanta has one of the longest builds up to a drop imaginable, but every second is worth it. 22Gz not only has the energy but the production to match. Some of the most varied production in the scene can be found on this one, with the smooth sliding 808s on “Movie” with CoachDaGhost, to the 8-bit sounds on “Collections.” While not only having one of the best Drill tapes of 2021, he is easily one of the most active in the scene. Definitely potential for greater things.

Stream The Blixky Tape 2 here.

26AR – Drench Em

26AR’s energy is some of the most infectious out. Having only started the year of 2020, his rise has been meteoric. He spent four years in prison, and now that he’s free his hungry is strong on all his tracks. Telling his story throughout the tracks along with his current lifestyle, he’s an act to be invested in.

Stream Drench Em here.

Shawny Binladen – Merry Wickmas

The scene has moved to Sample Drill and Shawny Binladen is at the forefront of it. Nearly every song of his utilizes the sample structure, taking songs from anywhere possible and doing a drill flip on them. While songs like “Whole Lotta Wickery” are enjoyable bangers, songs like “Georgia” use the sample to create a story and call & response feel to the tracks. If you’re trying to get into the sample drill side of the NY scene, definitely start with Shawny Binladen since his release schedule is endless.

Stream Merry Wickmas here.

CoachDaGhost – Ghost Stories

Possibly the best Drill tape of 2021, CoachDaGhost drops some of the most lyrical raps in the scene. He’s the full package, everything from the energy, voice to the actual street life behind him. He was a potential signee to Gucci Mane’s 1017 label. While the deal may have fell through, Coach has no issues speaking on such issues in his tracks. All of his music is live and direct, from “S.H.Y.N.E. Freestyle” being a direct diss at the Woos of NY to direct shots at OMB Jaydee & Fivio Foreign on “Hitlist.” His rawness on every track has made for some of the best music in the scene.

Stream Ghost Stories here.

I pop a Perc and go crazy, spin the Ville (Yes, sir), and look for Jay Dee

But the Choodie just hit me while I’m in pursuit and told me, “Jay Dee locked for a rape charge”

And I’m not tryna say that he might get convicted but y’all know what happens in state yards

For a rape charge? I swear to my momma I hate y’all

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