An Introduction to: Bandmanrill

With only a few tracks to his name, Bandmanrill is one of the most notable artists popping up right now. His music is hip hop but it blends with Jersey Club, a style of music originating from the club scene of New Jersey that remixes tracks by speeding them up. Meeting these two worlds together makes for an interesting combination, as it forces the rapper to rap much faster than they normally would. Bandmanrill has been the king of this style, no one else is touching his lane.


Starting with a slow intro, once the drop hits so does Bandmanrill. This track is every that Bandmanrill is about, getting money & getting the girls. Production is handled by MCVertt, who will go on to handle most of his tracks. Together they lock in to create a whole new wave of music.


This time they sample the Imagine Dragons hit and completely reinvent it. On this one he addresses any criticism he’s gotten for rapping on club beats. This doesn’t phase him in the slightest, knowing that they’re still going to be listening. As usual, the duo of Bandmanrill & MCVertt is fast paced insanity.


Taking the same sample as the infamous Carti leak “Pissy Pamper,” Bandmanrill brings another hit to the table. Another meta track, he knows his fans are waiting for more music & he promises to deliver. He gets hate from the old heads but he knows what the people want.


One of the few collaborations not done with MCVertt, we hear Bandmanrill on what was originally a real Jersey Club Remix. Remixed by JBroadway, the song takes the Black Eyes Peas track “My Humps” & gives it a proper treatment. This song takes a slower style than his previous work, but allows for it to be a hit. Blowing up on TikTok helped this song’s traction as well, as its possibly his easiest track to dance to.

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