An Introduction to: Certified Trapper

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The Milwaukee rapper may have been around for just a couple years, but he’s proven to be one of the most prolific artists to come in recent years. With an aesthetic all his own, from complete self-production to his unique style of raps, there is no one else touching his lane. With twenty-two projects in 2022 alone, the only thing that seems to have slowed him down is his current jail stint.

Certified Trapper – When I Sneeze

Easily his most interesting track, “When I Sneeze” is everything he’s about. The bouncy drums that feel influenced from the NOLA Bounce scene are a prominent feature of his beats, and this one is complete with one of the oddest sample choices possible. On top of all this is Certified Trapper rapping about catching people lacking, with a flow that no one else is doing currently. Everything about it feels insanely raw, in complete contrast to modern trap trends.

Certified Trapper – Cook Up Tutorial

“Cook Up Tutorial” feels closer to the rest of his music. While “When I Sneeze” has this ear-grabbing bass, this song fully dives into those clap-driven drums. Certified Trapper’s flow here has him being more involved than ever, strong accented flows playing with all kinds of pockets within the redundant beat.

Certified Trapper – Put 50 on 6

A track like “Put 50 on 6” captures his more autotuned work. Falling in & out of his raps to sudden bursts of melodic detours make you guessing what next at every turn. None of this is to take away from just how raw his lyrics are though, which detail all the happenings of him trying to pull up on others.

Certified Trapper Ft. Donny Ying – Free Bands

The majority of his music is featureless, but occassionly you can find a feature from someone like Donny Ying. His features usually compliment his rough-around-the-edges voices well, as Donny Ying does well on this song. It also highlights how interesting Certified Trapper is, as Donny Ying has a more prototypical sound to his raps.


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