An Introduction to: Emilio Craig

From NY, Emilio Craig’s scarce discography is already worth checking. Having only three albums to his name, all with run times under a half hour, he packs out his tracks with bars in an endless stream. It is very much a product of the new wave of lyricists coming from NY, but a noteworthy edition.

Child’s Play [Robbery At Blockbuster]

On his debut, he taps in with producer iamT2 to perfect his sound. The two know how to compliment each other, with iamT2 bringing these cinematic beats & Emilio sounding like a mob boss on each track. This album’s track “Child’s Play” captures this luxurious kingpin lifestyle, with a flow that cuts right through the sample. While the title is clearly playing off of the sample, his bars are delivered effortless proving that all that he’s says is just child’s play to him.

Tyson on Shrooms [In the Same Token]

His second album sees him exploring the themes of mobster life further. “Tyson on Shrooms” starts with an immediate threat that they shouldn’t be messed with. A more adlibbed delivery than his previous effort, but still hard hitting as ever. He tells the story his drug dealing hustle & that it was no easy feat.

Grand Central [Benny Blanco: Ghost of Fordham Road]

The third album in his catalogue is his shortest yet, but equally as cinematic. He paints the picture of a heist, and on this track he captures the events at the Grand Central Station. The track showcases his storytelling, describing the moments of the handoff at night. This album is his most direct to the date, being straight to the point & packing all the punches in his bars.

Spanish Ran – Benjamins & Guns (ft. Emilio Craig & Tree Mason)

Spanish Ran has slowly but surely building up a hellish catalogue. On this loose single, we hear Emilio team up with Ran’s cohort Tree Mason. Emilio’s flow on this track is the coldest in his discography, going over this warped guitar sample is intoxicating. Tree sounds right at home as usual on Ran’s production.

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