An Introduction to: FL3A

With only a single EP to his name, FL3A already has a sound unlike anyone else. The New Jersey rapper music isn’t like anything you’d expect, dropping wildly eccentric flows that are filled with emotions. No matter the beat, he shines through on every style. From tracks that approach classic instrumentals such as “Renegade,” to slower paced sample-laden beats like his feature on “Poetry” by Tsu Surf, to hectic bass driven instrumentals like “DA ZA,” you can always tell its a FL3A track.

FLY (ft. PEW)

Tracks like this feel like they capture what his sound his all about. In that wild flow, you have all these moments of reflection yet still trying to have a good time. Just within the hook, he deals with his own personal bouts of suicidal thoughts & those in his life that have passed, yet also trying to go to the party & get with some girls. He never hides his emotions in his tracks, making for a near stream-of-thought feeling to the tracks.


On “Silver Surfer,” there’s no easing in to the song. He comes through with energy at 100% & doesn’t let up. The hook sees him paying tribute to New York legend Max B, as well as quickly going through his women in the verses.


While his style may be abrasive for many, he does have tracks going over more of a contemporary boom bap style. He got to highlight this to a larger audience with the track on Tsu Surf’s album called “Poetry,” but he dropped a track like that with Baby ATM called “Real Rap” a year prior. Laying his life down on the track with no frills, his emotions pour out in every word throughout the verses.

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