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Originally from Kansas but now based in Boston, Mephux is one of the most polished, unique, and versatile acts in underground hiphop today. A member of the Lord Mobb collective, most known for the prolific Flee Lord, he has several distinct collab albums which blur the lines of grimy boombap, psychedelia a la Futurewave, funk, and electronic. Despite the quality hiphop work and more announced projects to come this year, Mephux clames to be moving away from the genre after this victory lap. Here we will discuss some of his most notable projects to date.

Flee Lord – Pray for the Evil 2

Among Flee Lord’s massive discography, Pray for the Evil 2 (preceded by another Mephux collab) stands out as one of his very best. Thanks in part to the focus of a single, familiar producer he was able to construct something really fleshed out. The high profile features and varied subject matter, combined with the immaculate, modern boombap beats that Mephux provides make for something special. On this album in particular, Mephux is using some familiar drum breaks with such clean jazz and soul samples that make for an unprecedented take on the scene.

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T.F – Blame Kansas

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Listen to Blame Kansas on Spotify

Jameel Na’im X – Viktor

New Orleans MC Jameel Na’im X, also known as Cyph, is a dope artist who merged with the Lord Mobb scene well on this full length collab with Mephux. Despite some big name features including Roc Marciano, T.F, Eto, etc., and killer bars (“The glock with the dick to your chest, you getting titty fucked”), Mephux has expressed some frustration that this album didn’t get off the ground. Anyone interested in regional takes on the sound or hearing more from these artists should defintiely peep, as Cyph has some other quality work as well.

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