An Introduction to: Mickey Diamond

A member of The Umbrella Collective, Mickey Diamond’s rise has been unprecedented. Getting full collaborative albums from the likes of Oh Jay, Big Ghost & Sadhugold just to name a few; he’s notoriety continues to rise. Sonically, he may very much be within a similar scene initially brought on by the likes of Griselda, but his lyrics separate him from the crowd.

Bangkok Dangerous

There may be no better jumping off point than the beginning with Bangkok Dangerous. The stakes are low conceptually, but are mad up for in a constant bar fest. On here you get that perfect mix of media references that’ll reach a pinnacle on projects like Oroku Saki & raw raps. Tracks like “Peace King” only hint towards his more conceptual abilities as well.

Sting vs. Flair (w/ Pro Dillinger)

On Sting vs. Flair, we get to see a proper match between Mickey Diamond & the Umbrella Collective family. Linking with Pro Dillinger for the full length of the project, the tape is filled to the brim with wrestling references & promos. Pro Dillinger’s grittier voice contrasts Mickey’s smoother style, but meet equal ground when it comes to the lyrics.

Gucci Ghost

Getting a Big Ghost collab is usually a high mark for a lot of rappers, and for Mickey Diamond he got not only one but two collabs. You can’t go wrong with either Gucci Ghost 1 or 2, because they both exceed expectations. Big Ghost was somehow able to tap into Diamond’s pre-established aesthetic, while still adding a few extra flourishes to make it know it’s his project.

Oroku Saki

While Mickey Diamond had dipped into heavy-concepts on No Liquor Before Twelve; Oroku Saki brings a much more lighthearted affair. Using the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as the framework, Diamond brings a unique flip on the classic show. Teaming up with Ral Duke on production, the album gets a beautifully soulful sound for Diamond to work over.

No Liquor Before Twelve

While Oroku Saki is a fun listen, No Liquor Before Twelve gets to solidify that Mickey Diamond can handle the serious topics as well. He captures all the pitfalls of addiction, from the damage it can do finically to familial stress; its all laid out for the world to see. Seeing production from the likes of Nicholas Craven, Big Ghost, as well as producers from the Umbrella Collective like Mallori Knox, the album has a lush backdrop to tell these horrid tales.

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