An Introduction to: Tony Shhnow

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Boxing Tony Shhnow into the Plugg genre label would be an extreme understatement of his abilities. With a discography that proves that he’s hip hop at its core, embracing all aspects of the genre. Yet with such a deep & expansive discography in such a short amount of time, the question is where to begin? Depending on whatever your taste may be, Tony Shhnow is sure to have something for you.

Dis Should Hold U Over 2

Tony Shhnow – FUCKWITCHA

While Tony Shhnow’s got plenty of albums done in the plugg style, none land quite as well as his collaborations with CashCache. The duo lands perfectly every time, with CashCache’s production just as understated as Tony’s own flow. Dis Should Hold U Over 2 is easily some of his best work, as Tony’s hustling bars feel anthemic. While he finds various pockets to deliver his raps quickly, its catchy & hypnotic every time.

48 Laws of Flower 2: Art of Production

Papoose (feat. Nutso Thugn)

Dialing directly into Georgia’s innovative trap sound, this sound for him reaches a pinnacle on 48 Laws of Flower 2: Art of Production. The tape feels like a true mixtape rather than an album, with hosting done by the legendary DJYungRel. Already being a pro of hustle talk, the trap production allows him to let loose on his flexes that feel endless.

Black Billionaires Club

Tony Shhnow – Rock Yo Body

If none of his other sounds have landed for you, then you would be hard-pressed to not enjoy Black Billionaires Club. A tape of classic Neptunes beats that dominated the radio waves for years, Tony Shhnow brings a truly fresh take on the production. While the feeling of the original tracks still feels there, Tony’s presence dominates & takes what was originally poppy tracks back to the streets.

Kill Streak 2

Tony Shhnow – Sometimes

Grimm Doza unlocked a completely different side to Tony Shhnow. With his production on Kill Streak 2 being more sample & boom bap based, Tony finds himself a bit more reflective on others in his life of hustling. It almost feels like the antithesis to 48 Laws, where as that project was more focused on flexing, this tape with Grimm Doza taps into giving advice to others so they can also find success.

Bonus Track

Tony Shhnow – Even On A Sunday

Tony’s 2021 tape The Bad Guy may not be as essential as his other work, but the single from it “Even On A Sunday” is one of his best to date. Production barely feels like a rap beat but Tony turns it into one with his trap talk. Tony’s ability to speed up & slow down his flows to highlight certain bars is a true talent that gets plenty of showcase here. The hook is quite lengthy but not for no reason, as it shows off how great his rhymes can be.

Everybody got ups and down but if you fuck with me, you ain’t fucking around
If I said something, I stand on it, if you still with me you would’ve stuck around
It get deep inside the water, too much weight on you might fucking drown
You shouldn’t fuck around with them fuck arounds
You might fuck around and find out how that go down

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