An Introduction to: V Don

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V Don is a producer under Serious Soundz who really does his thing better than almost anybody. He is firm in that East Coast revival scene, with a consistently dark, gutter sound. Akin most to someone like 38 Spesh (both stylistically and in work ethic), he has a strong spot in his niche, but certainly needs more love even in the underground. V Don has a deep discography, and if you like the style of one project then you’ll certainly find appeal in anything he does. Here, we will break down some of his most essential projects.

Collab Projects

Willie the Kid – Deutsche Marks 2

Willie the Kid is a frequent collaborator of V Don’s. The Michigan MC is all about luxury and pimping, comparable in many ways to Roc Marciano. V Don meets Willie half way on this stellar record, lacing him with beats a bit more lush and rich than his usual style.

Retch – Gone Til Autumn

With a pretty diverse and slept on discography himself, Retch has done everything from raw boombap to some evil sounding trap. Gone Til Autumn, featured on our 2021 AOTY list, was highly anticipated for his potential return to that Polo Sporting Goods style. V Don found a nice balance though, making some dark, hard hitting beats which were still distinctly New York.

Dark Lo – Timeless

Perhaps V Don’s most frequent and best collaborator, Dark Lo is one of the most underrated MC’s in the scene. Timeless is likely the best work by either artist. Alongside consistency and deeper themes on the mic, V Don doesn’t box himself in on here. The beats range from grimy and menacing to more soulful and traditional boombap. This is an essential listen.

Other great V Don collab albums:

Eto – Omertà

Da$h – 5 Deadly Venoms

Sauce Heist – The Minatti Report

Solo Work

Black Mass (producer compilation)

A short, yet dense and fulfilling listen, Black Mass is especially grimy and features a relative all star lineup (many of the prior mentioned, as well as Dave East, Rigz, and Smoke DZA). These solo albums are where V Don gets a chance to do his own thing and really shine as an independent artist.

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