Anti Da Menace – No Sympathy (Review)

He may have been active since 2021, but it looks like Anti Da Menace is finally making his mark with his newest release. Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, Anti Da Menace’s sound is familiar but his youth & passion shines through on every track. Filled to the brim with hyper-aggression, every bar is rapped like it’s his last.

Each track feels like a confession, where he lays down everything he’s been through. Sometimes he’s able to laugh in the face of the despair like on “Chain Gang,” but sometimes he looks at it with a more introspective view like on “Loyal.” This mixed with his unique vocal blend of a near-demonic voice & someone that’s seen far too much, his music displays the deepest depths trap can go.

Along the album, there’s features from people that perfectly mesh with his sound. Memphis rapper YTB Fatt matches his level of aggression perfectly, both showcasing their raw vocal tones against an operatic-feeling beat. Anti & Luh Tyler’s track together works better than you would expect, with Tyler unleashing some of his most threatening lyrics yet. Fellow Atlanta rapper Hunxho makes an appearance on the album, a rapper who’s usually more on the melodic-side, gives the album a necessary sound switch to add to the album’s diversity.

Throughout 2023, Anti Da Menace was slowly proving he was an act to look out for. There was a promising EP with a usual EST Gee producer FOREVEROLLING, but it felt just too short. He had released a collaborative tape with rapper Wee2Hard, someone that played off his dynamic flawlessly, yet the lack of features subtracted to its variety. This new project may once again be just thirty minutes long, but its range of sounds & features makes for a consistently exciting listen that keeps throwing surprises at you.

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