AnywhereTheDopeGo Best Albums of Mid Year 2024 – Staff Picks

Honorable Mentions

5. YL & Starker – Diamond Collection

It’s amazing how different YL and Starker’s solo work can be from their collabs, which are arguably their most celebrated. Their newest album Diamond Collection is just a constant barrage of bars that show their New York roots so shamelessly – not even shying away from the occasional drill cut. Starker is at his best with someone else to smooth out the aggressive flow, while YL has so much more fun on these albums compared to his more personal and subdued albums (i.e. last year’s phenomenal Don’t Feed the Pigeons). They make for another great underground duo in the tradition of Al.Divino & Estee Nack, Mach-Hommy & Tha God Fahim, Phiik & Lungs, and many more.

Listen to Diamond Collection

4. Sunmundi & klwn cat – Lived and Born

Listen to Lived and Born

3. Babydrill – ScoreGod

Listen to ScoreGod

2. Mach-Hommy – #Richaxxhaitian

Listen to Richaxxhaitian

1. Bruiser Wolf – My Story Got Stories

Listen to My Story Got Stories

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