Autumn! New Album “Golden Child 3” is Releasing March 31st

Louisiana native Autumn! returns for another release in 2023. Following his Golden Child series, he brings us the third installment coming in at twenty-four tracks. Announced through his Instagram, the album will see its release March 31st. This will be his second project of 2023, as he released ##B4GC3 ##B4GC3 previously.

The tracklist is as follows:

  1. God’s Child
  2. All My Duffles Goyard!
  3. Chelsea, NY!
  4. Backseat!
  5. Toothache and Gaslighting!
  6. You > Them (Hate It!)
  7. Them > You (Gotta Go!
  8. My Collection! 2
  9. No Good!
  10. Still the Same!
  11. Still the Same! 2
  12. If It Means Anything!
  13. If It Means Anything! 2
  14. Like That!
  15. Girl From the Club! 2
  16. Cowgirl!
  17. 50M Freestyle!
  18. Can’t Rent Anymore!
  19. Twotimestwo!
  20. Colors!
  21. Baby Fewch!
  22. Recollections of Fame!
  23. I Am the Goat!
  24. The Remorse!

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