Autumn! – Not Much Left! (One Year Later)

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Member of the SlayWorld collective, Autumn! has had his notoriety grow immensely since the year this short EP was released. On this release, it is nearly a Summrs collab since he is on all except one song. The duo plays the PluggnB stylings in as lighthearted a fashion as possible.

Within its short runtime, Autumn! sings about luxury & guns. He doesn’t have the strongest singing voice but he fits the clear fun of the project, feeling like he’s riffing on the tracks yet with passion. “No New Friends!” for example takes everyone up to the penthouse, where there’s nothing to detail but the success & the fun that comes with it. Him & Summrs keep guns on them, but just for protection.

Autumn! – No New Friends! (ft. Summrs)

Meanwhile on “Told Em!,” the duo flexes their success further as an “I told you so” moment. Their energy on the track is exciting, as they playfully follow the lead of the booming drums. Their flex of never writing their own songs add to the feeling that everything is freestyled, just a true spur of the moment captured on record.

The entire EP would feel inconsequential without the addition of the final solo track, “Think You Know Me!” This track takes a more serious tone, where he recounts the love for a woman in his life. Even though their feelings are no longer mutual, he still takes this track to remember the better times.

While newer Autumn! albums fall under the rage style, when he detours into PluggnB it creates a special feeling. The rage scene is unfortunately so bloated that a lot of artists blend into each other, but when they remove themselves from it into other styles, they get to shine.

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