Baby Stone Gorillas New Album Titled “The Military” Releasing February 10th

Los Angeles, California group Baby Stone Gorillas are returning for another release in 2023. The twenty-three track album will arrive February 10th, with no currently announced features. Titled The Military, it will see production from the likes of Zed Beats, Geronimo, Juneonnabeat, RonRon The Producer & more.

The tracklist is as follows:

  1. We The Ones They Talkin Bout (Prod. by JuneOnnaBeat)
  2. Slide On Em (Prod. by Taz)
  3. Off The Meds (Prod. by Runnitupkel x CallMeJohnny)
  4. Block Benders (Prod. by Geronimo)
  5. Watch Your Step (Prod. by GMTheProducer)
  6. Wop (Prod. by Robtwo)
  7. Unstable (Prod. by Runitupkel)
  8. Tomorrow Not Promised (Prod. by JuneOnnaBeat)
  9. Vaccine (Prod. by Robtwo x Alecbih)
  10. Introduce You (Prod. by Foley)
  11. We Love Opp Hoes (Prod. by Eliibeatz)
  12. Off His Crew (Prod. by Zed Beats)
  13. Gettin’ Money Steppas (Prod. by Bip Tha Producer)
  14. Fully Active (Prod. by Bearonthebeat)
  15. Ain’t Like That (Prod. by Foley)
  16. Koldest Addiction (Prod. by Corey Cail)
  17. Miley Cyrus (Prod. by Zed Beats)
  18. In The Field Huntin (Prod. by Haze4Real)
  19. Y’all Know Who Did That (Prod. by Callmejohnny)
  20. Let’s Get Lit Then (Prod. by RonRon The Producer)
  21. First Place (Prod. by WeMajor)
  22. Elite (Prod. by Trad45)
  23. Murder Musik (Prod. by Matt Neutron)

Their 2022 was an extremely active one, with multiple albums throughout the year. They released the album BabySt5xne Gorillas in March of that year, also spanning twenty-three tracks. The group followed this up with an album with Zakee titled Lion Hearted Gorillas in June. They later dropped an eight track album fully produced by Gotdamnitdupri titled GOTDAMNIT BABYSTONES in July.

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