Babyface Ray 2022 Recap Playlist

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Detroit rap constantly feels on the verge of taking over the world, but none seem to push it further than Babyface Ray. Layering his songs with deep levels of introspection, as well genuine hustling advice, is an impressive mix. This year, much like his previous, were far from slow. Appearing on a multitude of features along with two albums, as well as a deluxe for one album, made from one of his busiest years yet.

Idols [FACE]

Too many highlights are on FACE. True Detroit trap bangers with “6 Mile Show” & “Let Me Down,” his biggest collaborations yet with artists like Pusha T & Wiz Khalifa, but also some of his most introspective tracks yet. On “Idols,” Ray takes a look at what pushed him to have his hustling mentality, as well as dropping gems of advice on how to stack your own money.

A1 Since Day 1 [FACE (Deluxe Edition)]

As if the original album couldn’t get any better, Ray dropped a deluxe edition. With tracks that easily could’ve been within the original tracklist, the deluxe edition is far from a bonus edition. “A1 Since Day 1” seems him on the most luxurious of instrumentals, he looks at where the family & others close to him are at now that he’s made it.

Brand New Benz [MOB]

As if he couldn’t get better, he dropped another album just before the year closed out. This album features a different side of Ray, slightly more R&B focused & lowkey. Thanks to this though, it allows the more hyped & energetic tracks to hit even harder. “Brand New Benz” lets Ray stunt in every way imaginable, from the cars to the clothes to the women.

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