Babytron 2022 Recap Playlist

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Damn near in his own subgenre of Detroit trap, Babytron’s daring ability to rap over every instrumental draws you in but his unique brand of shit talking makes you stay. With each year feeling bigger than the last, his 2022 was one of the most exciting yet. Two albums & an EP solo, along with collaborative projects with his group ShittyBoyz, he had quite a hectic year.

Mainstream Tron [Megatron]

Off the back of multiple singles that featured a slew of beat switches, he finally returned with a more focused project. While some of those songs still land on here, “6 Star Wanted Level” for example, he puts together an album with some his freshest production yet. Blending all types of sounds into one album, from the techno to the Bay to the movie samples, they all can found here.

Drake & Josh (ft. Dougie B) [Bin Reaper 3: Old Testament]

While Megatron saw a step up in production, Bin Reaper 3 saw a step up in lyrics & flow. Putting together more consistent songs & concepts, Tron improves his rapping abilities by also taking hook duties more seriously. This is an album that seemingly shakes off previous criticisms of his music, and with a follow-up coming in January, we may see even more improvements.

Return of the King [They Won’t Clear This EP]

A short four song EP, Tron makes a project just for the fans. Putting together a project that could never get cleared for streaming, Tron’s raps over some of the most iconic movie samples imaginable. Also rapping over an Uzi beat & Drake beat, he makes an extremely fun EP.

Shittyboyz – NFL [Trifecta]

While this was a huge year for Tron himself, he was talking his whole group with him. Two albums with ShittyBoyz members TrDee & StanWill dropped this year, but none felt more exciting than the first Trifecta album. Tracks like “NFL” unashamedly take the NFL theme & flip them into Michigan trap anthems.

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