Babytron – Bin Reaper 3: Old Testament (Review)

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With seemingly every release, Babytron makes an improvement to his sound that was previously absent. Luka Troncic explored the Hi-NRG sounds of the 80s, Bin Reaper 2 is a pop culture sample fest, Megatron flirts with the mainstream by providing something more modern & well-rounded. Babytron once again adds a new dimension, adding hooks & slightly moving from his usual punch-in style.

While an improvement like this seems minuscule, for someone that has dropped full projects of nothing but bars across twenty-five track projects, its a massive change. For an artist like Babytron, it feels like his projects finally have the replayability they have needed for so long now. Its hard to appeal to others without that sticky hook, but its finally here.

His rhyming ability in general has also improved. No longer does there feel like a disconnect between bars, instead feeling like a true verse on every track. The delivery as well sounds slightly better thanks to this, no longer feeling like every single bar is punched in.

The opening track “Genesis 1:1” actually tells a story, pointing to his origins & what it took to get to where he is. “15-16 Curry” catches him on the newer flow, sounding more commanding on the mic as his bars connect without the crutch of the punch-in. “Top 2 Not 2” has multiple beat-switches, he’s been playing with in recent months, seeing him go from a booming trap instrumental to a smooth luxurious sample.

BabyTron – Genesis 1:1

His beats, while still very clearly falling under the Detroit trap umbrella, aren’t nearly as reliant on the samples. Plenty of tracks here opt for a more standard Detroit trap bounce, lacking a goofy sample to distract from him. He explores other sounds here as well, “Drake & Josh” with Dougie B sees him rapping over a NY Drill instrumental.

His core lyrics are still there, the scamming & deep set pop culture references with a bit of fashion mixed in. What he improves upon may be unrecognized by many, but push his overall sound into a new direction. One that will ultimately benefit his career as his skills increase.

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