BabyTron New Album “MegaTron 2” Releasing October 27th

Michigan rapper BabyTron will be releasing another new album in 2023. Titled MegaTron 2, the album will release October 27th. Feautres on the album include Luh Tyler, BLP Kosher, Certified Trapper and more.

The tracklist is as follows:

  1. Beyond Turnt 2
  3. Murder Mitten
  4. IRL (ft. BLP Kosher)
  5. Let’s Get It!
  6. Streetball
  7. Bop It! (ft. Drego & Beno)
  8. Stutter Flow
  9. Yo Momma (ft. StanWill)
  10. Down, Up!
  11. Kai Cenat / Old Days (ft. Luh Tyler)
  12. XXX
  13. DEEZ NUTS!
  14. WORK!
  15. 90’s Bulls (ft. G.T. & Cash Kidd)
  16. Ice Cream (ft. YN Jay, Riff Raff, Certified Trapper & Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em)
  17. Tutorial
  18. Trick or Treat?
  19. Red Ring of Death
  21. 241 (ft. Babyfxce E)
  22. $1M
  23. Coney Island (ft. Los & Nutty, BandGang Javar, AK Bandamont, Glockboyz Teejaee, KrispyLife Kidd & Nuk)
  24. Ain’t They? (ft. Trdee)
  25. Yakuza (ft. Fordio, J1Hunnit, MJPAID, Prince Jefe & ScrumbleMan)
  26. Thumb War
  27. AYEE!
  28. Okinawa (Outro)

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