Bandmanrill – Club Godfather (Review)

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Jersey Club’s re-inventor returns to claim his crown. Dropping his debut proper project, he brings a multi-dimensional project that doesn’t abandon his roots. Not only delivering a solid project, he pushes the Jersey Club sound even further mixing elements from other scenes.

A criticism that can be applied to Bandmanrill’s music is that it was too simple in its execution. While “Heartbroken” has become a phenomenon, the singles that immediately followed copied the same exact formula. Here on this album though, this doesn’t seem to be the issue.

Instead, his songs feel like they have more structure & not just freestyled. Tracks here have clear hooks & aren’t nearly as reliant on what the beat is doing. His verses as well have more substance than before, actually dedicating to a topic rather than anything that comes to mind.

While Jersey Club is his primary sound, he blends other sounds of other club scenes to push the sound further. “Influence” sees him uses the gun clicking sounds that can be found in Philly Club producers like DJ Crazy. “Don’t Mix” uses a more typical house instrumental, which gives him a different space to play with his melodic ability.

Bandmanrill – BOUNCIN’ (ft. NLE Choppa)

Features here are broad as well. NLE Choppa’s sound has a notable Memphis accent to it, so to hear him rap over Jersey Club track like “Bouncin'” gives an idea of how this sound can spread even further. “Beautiful Diamonds” features skaiwater, who delivers melodies over to the sound, something devoid in the genre thus far. There are also features from NY Drill rapper Sha Ek, which shows how intense the sound can get with his aggressive delivery.

This project isn’t just Bandmanrill claiming his crown, but pushing the sound even further than before. With the sound getting looks from bigger artists of all breeds, the potential for it to grow into the mainstream rises with each release. Along the way, Bandmanrill has also improved as a rapper, becoming an even more worthy of claiming the crown.

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