BandPlay Recap Playlist 2021

Young Dolph producer BandPlay has kept a busy 2021, here we’ll recap some highlights.

Large Amounts (Young Dolph – Rich Slave Deluxe)

Young Dolph’s deluxe to his last official solo album has plenty of highlights, with most of the production being handled by long-time collaborator BandPlay. The single from the deluxe, “Large Amounts,” features these choir-like vocals that paired with the hard hitting bass create an grandiose feeling. Dolph’s cutthroat vocals cut right through and tell you everything in a matter of fact way only he can do. The songs lyrics show a shift from his trapping mentality to a more legit business strategy, a direct contrast of songs like “Never Ever.”

A Goat & A Dolphin (Key Glock & Young Dolph -Dum & Dummer 2)

While the album is packed with highlights, “A Goat & A Dolphin” shows off the chemistry Key Glock & Dolph had. Glock in particular has a bunch of memorable bars especially the Drake & Josh line. The song is hookless and features Glock & Dolph trading bars at certain points and their own full verses. The song proved they were an unstoppable duo.

See Me Comin’ (Pooh Shiesty – Shiesty Season Spring Deluxe)

Pooh Shiesty is another Memphis native a truly the best of both worlds. Having the Memphis accent and yet a flow like Gucci Mane made him a prime candidate for the New 1017 label. Coming off the hype of his biggest single yet and debut mixtape Shiesty Season, he released a deluxe to it. Tuning further into the Memphis sound that BandPlay had help set, the two create another banger.

What U Gon Do (Big Scarr – So Icy Boyz)

If Pooh sounds too much like Gucci, that’s understandable. Big Scarr on the other hand has a more standard modern Memphis sound, not too far off from contemporaries like Key Glock or Co Cash. While only featuring a single verse, the piano focused beat pairs with Scarr’s vocals beautifully where sends relentless threats with an endless feeling flow. The duo already have a decent amount songs under their belt, currently totaling to 8 out of his short career. So hopefully there’s more in the pipeline.

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