Best Hip Hop Debuts of 2023

Every year there are hundred of artists trying to make a name for themselves. You only get that first year once though, so the debut is an important event. Here, we’ll go over some of the best of 2023.

DJSlimeBxll – Trips to Atlanta

It may be cheating to put a DJ album on here, but DJSlimeBxll definitely deserves a spot with this one. Highlighting acts from Atlanta, the album has songs from Brezzo, 2sdxrt3all, Whyceg, Slime Dollaz and SiyahXO!. Each one places a stamp on this new wave of Soundcloud rap subgenres, Slime Dollaz with Plugg, 2sdxrt3all with Dark Plugg, ect., making for an album that captures the future in the now.

Stream Trips to Atlanta on Apple Music

Brezzo – ISO

Brezzo was featured on the DJSlimeBxll album, and his debut from this year coincidentally one of the best this year. Short in length, just seven songs long, his flow & lyrical content capture this aura of paranoia while still continuing to trap. His voice is instantly recognizable, and lyrics of never-ending grinding & trapping will drive anyone to success.

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Fulcrum – All At Once

If you’re familiar Fulcrum’s YouTube work, you’re probably confused on this picked. Despite this, its confidently an enamoring experience. Combining all his memes from the channel make for the songs, it gives them something of their own language, not too dissimilar than what you can find in Yeat’s music. This along with the beautifully produced PluggnB instrumentals, many of which are provided by Goyxrd, make for some of the most fun music of the year. *

Stream All At Once on Apple Music

Osamason – Osama Season

His first solo album, Osamason’s Osama Season might be one of the most exciting debuts in recent memory. Some songs don’t even surpass the minute mark, but still make for an unforgettable experience. Combining all the hallmarks of dark plugg with the constant distortion & aggression, but throwing in moments of melody & slight emo influence, he shows off more potential than anyone else in the scene. His notoriety has only rocketed since it’s release, but it all started on Osama Season. **

Stream Osama Season on Apple Music

3Hard – Dissimilar Prevalance

If you’ve heard of 2sdxrt3all, 3Hard is an affiliate of him. Unlike 2sdxrt3all, his flow is much more lax, making for a confident & impressive debut. Production is provided by Whyceg, whose done a lot of 2sdxrt3all’s work, creating that dark & distorted modern Soundcloud trap. Combining these elements he makes for some of the most accessible music in the scene, providing a more conventional Trap flow yet keeping those belligerent bass-driven beats. ***

Stream Dissimilar Prevalance on Apple Music

Sett – Life of a SlimeCrook

As soon as Sett was released from prison, it seemed like he immediately had signed to Gucci Mane’s New 1017 Records. Even though the signing was immediate, he instantly came with hits like “Piss Sett Off.” With a flow that is undeniably Memphis, he comes through on his debut with constant hits. It may run a little long for some, coming in at twenty-nine tracks, but Sett delivers endless bars that’ll stick with you.

Stream Life of a SlimeCrook on Apple Music

L5 – Nomo Free L5

Previously discussed in the “Introduction to L5,” this project truly starts to highlight his talents. While he hits strides with Blood on Switch St., this one is still filled with hyper-aggressive highlights. Blending modern Soundcloud rap & classic 00s Atlanta trap, along with his absurd delivery, you’ll be missing out if you don’t tap into this one. ****

Stream Nomo Free L5 on Apple Music

YTB Fatt – Who Is Fatt

After finally striking a deal with Moneybagg Yo, YTB Fatt released his debut Who Is Fatt. The Memphis rapper has been a focal point for many, with the flow he seemingly self-innovated being used by other artists, but his debut seems to set the record straight on who it belongs to. Throughout the album he constantly proves why he’s here with his relentless approach to trap music, with many accounts of personal events all laid out on the songs. *****

Stream Who Is Fatt on Apple Music

Anycia – Extra

I originally came across Anycia’s work when the video for “BRB” dropped, and was instantly hooked. The lowkey flow filled with shit-talking makes for an effortless combo. This compared with the production choices that fit her style perfectly, usually sample-based and filled with head-nodding rhythms, there feels like a song for every party setting. It may only be an EP, but starting with something like this is a strong start.

Stream Extra on Apple Music

* – This isn’t Fulcrum’s first project, with previously released EPs. This is however his first full album.

** – Osamason had previously released a collaborative album with Ohsxnta, this is his first solo effort for a full album.

*** – Multiple projects were released this year before this one, but with a focus on the platform Bandlab. This one seems to be his first professional effort though, being a full collaborative project with Whyceg, shifting focus off of Bandlab and having true album art.

**** – Stating Facts may be the real debut, listed as loose singles but that one isn’t even properly listed on streaming platforms as an album. Nomo Free L5 is his first properly listed project on streaming.

***** – For some reason, Apple Music now lists the album as a compilation. For many people, this will still be his proper introduction as major tracks like “Backstabbin” appear on it.

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