BHM Pezzy – Method to the Madness (Review)

Coming from Atlanta, Georgia, BHM Pezzy’s newest output is full diverse flows and instrumentals. This is immediately apparent off the back of the intro, “Flow Master.” The instrumental features a lone guitar, allowing BHM Pezzy to truly grip the listener with his raw vocal abilities. His flow is that fast hectic flow that you can hear from T-Pain’s rap songs, complete with a his own unique singing voice on the hook. This song highlights his lyrical topics in full too, from feelings for women, his struggles as an artist, his rough lifestyle. Its truly a perfect introduction.

If “Flow Master” is too sparse though, the follow up track “Thank God” is a much more standard track. Extravagant vocals hang in the background, as BHM Pezzy thanks God for the trap. A genius contradiction that holds a lot of genuine weight in his music.

Tracks like “Side” get into his sexier side, making a sexually driven track with a bouncy light synth. “WalkGod” features the standard trap piano & flute, which would feel boring on your standard release, but on this album its a breathe of fresh air. “China Town” features these Chinese style instruments, many moments of the instrumental feel similar to Gunna’s “Who You Foolin.” This track feels victorious, talking about having sex with women and telling listeners to put their hands up if they’re not broke.

His track “Woo Love” is another standout. This tracks hook is a simple “woo” sound that is incredibly infectious, with a backing instrumental that feels like it would come out of the Drain Gang camp. His lyrics about love and relationships are relatable, ranging from the fiery passion in the midst of one. Yet, he’s also able to capture the trauma that can also come with one.

The album is filled with tracks that deserve attention. BHM Pezzy is taking chances instrumentally and vocally on each track, and he’s easily blowing away his competition. A common criticism of the current trap scene is its now lifeless style, a fairly basic flow and trap pianos. BHM Pezzy cuts away from that cloth, providing that energy and talent so few can.

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