Big Sad 1900 New Album “My Side, They Side & The Truth” Releasing March 8th

Los Angeles rapper Big Sad 1900 will be releasing a new album in 2024. Titled My Side, They Side & The Truth, the album will release March 8th. Features on the album include 03 Greedo, Tapri Grams, Chris O’Bannon and more.

The tracklist is as follows:

  1. King of Los Angeles
  2. Wasting Your Time
  3. No Bail
  4. F** Y’all N****s
  5. October 18th
  6. Therapy 4
  7. Learn My Lesson
  8. Call The Chef
  9. Same Thing (ft. Beauxx, Don September, Tapri Grams & Chris O’Bannon)
  10. She From Stockton (ft. 03 Greedo)
  11. Gave You Everything
  12. Free Tr3yway (ft. T.Cike)
  13. Midnight in LA
  14. Head Shots
  15. Turning in My Sleep
  16. Pray You Die Broke

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