BigBabyGucci New Album “When U Wake Up” Releasing October 13th

North Carolina rapper BigBabyGucci will be releasing another new album in 2023. Titled When U Wake Up, the album will release October 13th. The tracklist comes to eighteen tracks.

The tracklist is as follows:

  1. Stargaze Intro
  2. No Favors
  3. Dry Bender
  4. Feel This Way
  5. Pecan Pie
  6. Early Bird
  7. Kapitol
  8. Like I’m Famous
  9. Ken Doll
  10. Seance
  11. The Brand
  12. Midnite
  13. Product of a Playa
  14. The Rush Before The Fall
  15. Bombay
  16. Codiene Love
  17. The Madness
  18. Graveyard

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