Bloodblixing New Album “How the Blix Stole Christmas Gangsta Edition” Releasing December 24th

Houston artist Bloodblixing will be releasing another new album in 2023. Titled How the Blix Stole Christmas Gangsta Edition, the album will release December 24th. Features on the album include 2 Dolla Will, Sleep Sinatra, Nonazz and more.

The tracklist is as follows:

  1. #freesmoke (ft. O Dawg)
  2. Spiritz Iz High (The Dough) [ft. Lync Lone]
  3. Bling Bling (ft. Teller Bank$)
  4. Coke White + Snow* (ft. Nonazz)
  5. Bball on Christmas Day (ft. Patty Honcho)
  6. How-to-Rob-on-Christmas 101 (ft. BlaQ Chidori)
  7. Red Dot on Ya Nose Like Rudolph (ft. 2 Dolla Will & Yung Regis)
  8. Countin’ Caskets
  9. 12am in the North Pole
  10. Sandbridge Beach, Virginia
  11. Presents Under Da Tree (Cant Ban Bloodblix) [ft. Matt Mars]
  12. Hedge Fund Maze (ft. Sleep Sinatra)
  13. Last Christmas

Pre-Order on Bandcamp

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