BLP Kosher New Album “Bars Mitzah” Releasing August 4th

Florida rapper BLP Kosher will be releasing a new project in 2023. The album will be titled Bars Mitzah, and will release August 4th. Features on the album include Trapland Pat, Luh Tyler & DJ Premier.

The tracklist is as follows:

  1. The Nac 3 (prod. by Rami & Thrax)
  2. Wicked Miracle (Prod. by Jasper Harris, Aaron Shadrow & Rami)
  3. 2000’s Baby (Prod. by Jasper Harris, Aaron Shadrow, Roy Lenzo, Presley Regier, Hidde Ament)
  4. Fool’s Gold (Prod. by BNYX, Y2K & Sully)
  5. Cheese Touch (Prod. by Fuelz)
  6. Nightmare Up North (Prod. by Ronny J & JM)
  7. Special K (Prod. by ExquisiteJJ & Nate B)
  8. Emo Jit (Prod. by Boys Are Rolling)
  9. J’s & Z’s (ft. Trapland Pat) [Prod. by Danny G & Supreme Ape]
  10. Expensive Gas (Prod. by Damn Fuego)
  11. Quite Frankly (ft. Luh Tyler & Trapland Pat) [Prod. by Xair & YoungBlake)
  12. Endless (ft. DJ Premier) [Prod. by DJ Premier & Brady Watt]
  13. Miami Rainbows (Prod. by Chi Chi, Hoodrkh Keem & Juko)
  14. Hawk 900 (Prod. by Menoh, Based1 & Based Charity)
  15. Open Your Mind (Prod. by Slayingibis, Jug & Aidanhan)
  16. Another World (Prod. by Bighead, Manzo, IOF & Zbeats)
  17. Smoke to the Garden (Prod. by BigHead, DeadinParis & IOF)
  18. Water to the Grave (Prod. by P4RA & 5Head)
  19. Gravity (Prod. by Jasper Harris, Aaron Shadrow & Roy Lenzo)

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