Blu New Album “Los Angeles” Releasing July 12th

California rapper Blu will be releasing a new album produced by California producer Evidence. Titled Los Angeles, the album will release July 12th. Features on the album include Kokane, Cashus King, Evidence and more.

The tracklist is as follows:

  1. Live from 54th (Additional Vocals by Like)
  2. The Land (Additional Vocals by DJ Muggs)
  3. Los Angeles (ft. Nana) [Cuts by Exile]
  4. Three Wheel Motion (ft. Kokane)
  5. LA Tourists (ft. MED)
  6. LA Traffic (ft. Cashus King & Self Jupiter) [Additional Vocals by Yah Ra, Enzo & Traffic]
  7. The Cold (Outro Music by Brew & Trav for House of Vibe)
  8. Hell (ft. Propaganda (Additional Vocals by Yah Ra)
  9. Heaven (ft. CS Armstrong)
  10. Wish You Were Here (ft. Evidence)
  11. Wild Wild West
  12. The LA

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