Bobby Shmurda – Bodboy (Review)

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After spending six years within the prison system, Bobby Shmurda is finally free. The long awaited project is here, yet it doesn’t exactly deliver on quality. That’s not exactly the problem though. While yes, there are awful songs such as “Hoochie Daddy,” is that the real issue?

When Bobby was coming out of prison, there was talk of his focus shifting to real estate. He had a documentary in the works, and six years of prison time is nothing to scoff at. Being disconnected to the world is not easy, and keeping any sense of morale through various court dates is disheartening. Never knowing when you might see you’re loved ones, never knowing a concrete date of release.

What was the audience reaction though? There were constantly memes about what Bobby Shmurda’s “First Day Out” song would sound like. There’s talk about Bobby catching the hat from the end of the “Hot N*gga” music video. There were all these ideas that clearly weren’t his focus anymore. Within a couple months, audiences were suddenly mad at Bobby, saying he missed his hype.

Bobby Shmurda – Hot N*gga

Hundreds of think pieces can found from random YouTubers & media outlets like DJ Akademiks about how he dropped the ball. As if Bobby owed something to the people in the first place. As if he works at their command, as if he’s not his own person with traumas of prison & life of crime. The audience reactions to him wasn’t supportive, it was demanding & condescending.

People’s thoughts on Bobby showed a lack of empathy, and fed into the industry that spat Bobby right back out. There’s this extremely awkward clip from his signing at Epic Records where he dances on top of a table. The crowd is dead, filled room of executives as he tries to maintain their interest. This is the company that gave him a deal.

How is that any different from the audience’s demanding new music? Telling him “Sorry, you missed your chance.” Its dismissive, its gross. All audiences wanted was memes. They wanted him to catch the hat, they wanted the elusive “First Day Out” track, they wanted hype. So when a track like “Hoochie Daddy” comes your way, why are you surprised?

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