New School Texas Rapper Boogotti Kasino has released a large catalogue this year. With the year coming to a close, let’s look at his run.

Boogotti Kasino’s first release this year was the album The Gamble. Releasing in January, this album acted as a warning shot for the rest of his year. While not his strongest of the year, this album included many highlights like “Trap God,” “Everytime,” and “Ocean Eyes.”

Situations (Album – On God)

Possibly his strongest release this year was On God. The follow up release is named after his best ad-lib, and the whole album lived up to its named. Packed back to back with highlights, this song features the true Texas legend Sauce Walka and Kasino World member Muddy Kasino. Other highlights from this include the Kasino World posse cut “Rush Hour 5,” “Free Foogiano” and trap anthem “Full Time Trappa.”

Outro (Album – NBC)

Boogotti quickly followed On God with the release of his album NBC. Boogotti is no stranger to emotional tracks, but the outro to NBC might be his best yet.

Backstory (Album – Benjamin Siegel)

Fentanyl saved me from going broke

“Backstory” comes off the fourth release of his this year. Giving a recap of where he got to his spot, he recounts these stories over a lush piano trap beat. His unrelenting energy on every track proves he’s an artist that’s here to stay.

View some of the best tracks of his 2021 at this playlist on YouTube.

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