Brenk Sinatra & Wun Two New Album “Tango & Cash” Releasing March 22nd

Producers Brenk Sinatra & Wun Two will be collabing on a new album in 2024. Titled Tango & Cash, the album will release March 22nd. The album will be a full instrumental project.

The tracklist is as follows:

  1. First Day Intro
  2. Olde English
  3. City Singers Skit
  4. Tango’s Heartbreak
  5. Act Like Cops Skit
  6. Brunch at Buff’s House
  7. She Likes You a Lot Skit
  8. 84′ Caprice
  9. Speak Easy Skit
  10. Oakland Nights
  11. Looking at the Sun
  12. Keep Punching Skit
  13. Drop Top Chevy
  14. Tony’s Pool
  15. Danger Zone
  16. This is Personal Skit
  17. Rhinestone Boys
  18. No More Warnings Skit
  19. 2 AM at Echo Park

From the Bandcamp description:

When two legendary producers like Brenk Sinatra and Wun Two lock themselves in the studio, the result is not only an outstanding instrumental album entitled “Tango & Cash”, but also a new beat genre that the two have brought to life: G-Fi, a blend of Brenk’s trademark sound consisting of midnight G-funk vibes paired with Wun Two’s unmistakable lo-fi sound aesthetic, which he established as a pioneer of the genre.

Pre-Order on Bandcamp

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