Cash Cobain 2023 Recap Playlist

Producer, rapper, Bronx artist Cash Cobain can do it all. While he’s been around for awhile, these last few years seem to be somewhat of renaissance for him; finding a niche that’s Sample Drill mixed with Jersey Club plus hyper-sexual lyrics. This sound that he’s mastered & pushed forward has started something of a wave, Flee, Chow Lee, Lonny Love to name a few. Here we’ll look at some of the highlights of his 2023.


A short collection of tracks from Cash, featuring Lil Yachty, TaTa & Vontee was his first project in 2023. This was just getting things started, and highlights like “DRANK” show all his hallmarks. The sexy talk, the infectious beats, its all there. Not his most consequential project, but the moments are among his best.

Not No Xanax 2 (ft. Chow Lee) [Pretty Girls Love Slizzy]

Pretty Girls Love Slizzy doesn’t beat around the bush, its straight to the point. The brash sex talk delivered in these simply beautiful melodies against the backdrop of nostalgia-drenched samples all comes together flawlessly. There’s no major features on the album, but Cash is able to hold down the album all by himself effortlessly.

Drake – Calling For You (feat. 21 Savage) [For All the Dogs]

Easily Cash’s biggest production credit of 2023 came on Drake’s album For All the Dogs. Cash’s production takes up the first half of the song, with drums that are all clearly his sound with a R&B sample carefully laced within it. Drake comes through with his own brand of sex talk to match with Cash’s work, which he does well. Unfortunately, For All the Dogs doesn’t get to see more production like this, but this moment is a glimmer of how fun this album could have been.

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