Cash Kidd New Album “No Socks 3” Releasing September 29th

Detroit rapper Cash Kidd will be releasing another album in 2023. Titled No Socks 3, the album will release September 29th. This will be the third installment of the No Socks series, with the second being released in 2020. It will also be his second release of the year, with BeBe Kidd 3 having been released in March of 2023.

The tracklist is as follows:

  1. Yea Freestyle (ft. NoCap)
  2. Ears Bleeding
  3. Tug of War (ft. Icewear Vezzo)
  4. Irreplaceable (ft. DeJ Loaf)
  5. Teary Eyed
  6. Special (ft. OhGeesy)
  7. JINX!
  8. Despicable (ft. BlueBucksClan)
  9. Sit & Play (ft. Kash Doll)
  10. Man Up (ft. BFB Da Packman)
  11. 25 Hour Wait
  12. Big Booty Nina (ft. Peezy)
  13. Spend-A-Night Bag
  14. 4th Place (ft. Lil Nell)
  15. Hit a Head
  16. Beg to Differ
  17. Fanduel
  18. Trust Me
  19. Unbothered (ft. Ralfy the Plug)
  20. Piece of Cake Freestyle
  21. Dorky Ass Boy
  22. Trapcation

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