Casino Jizzle – Neutron (Album Review)

Memphis has had quite the resurgence into the public eye over the last few years. Duke Deuce had burst on to the scene with the crunk-centered hit “Crunk Ain’t Dead.” Dolph was just starting to get his own record label started, and unfortunately died due to gun violence in 2021. Key Glock has maintained footing as one of the best in the scene, being just as charismatic as Dolph. Pooh Shiesty among most of the New 1017 signees, a resurrection of Gucci Mane’s 1017 label, are all from Memphis.

In a scene so vibrant, there are bound to be some acts that slip under some people’s radars. Casino Jizzle seems to have been one of them. The Memphis rapper’s newest release Neutron is among some of the best in the scene today. Lyrically he’s focused on drug usage, and each time it’s some of the catchiest music possible. “Mr. Pharmacia” is a great example.

I know I’m addicted
I can’t help I’m in love with drugs
All it took was me to find it cheaper
Fell in love with plugs

Production-wise its focused on these bass heavy beats that are light on the synths. The album is packed with hits like “We Da Opps (Remix),” “Drac & Gloc,” “Neutron Back.” The album like many Memphis release has plenty of beats using a piano for the main melody, but it never feels one-note. His voice separates him from his peers too. While rappers like Co Cash are oddly too similar to better rappers like Dolph, his voice is on the lighter side with varying flows.

In a scene that seems like it can’t get any better, new acts pop up all the time. Casino Jizzle is definitely a name to look out for if he’s making hits of this quality so early in his career. A lot of the new Memphis scene as enjoyable as it is, isn’t putting out hits like him. As the album features other rappers such as Kevo Muney & Asian Doll, his cosigns will only grow from here. He is not an act to sleep on.

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