Chloe Hotline New Mixtape “Soulja Rags & C2W Tags” Releasing February 20th

Ohio artist Chloe Hotline will be releasing a new mixtape in 2024. Titled Soulja Rags & C2W Tags, the mixtape will release February 20th. The single for the mixtape, “Make Ammends (Scopin’),” is out now.

Chloe Hotline – Make Ammends (Scopin’) (Prod. By DGP @ChloeHotline)

The tracklist is as follows:

  1. I’m the Hotline and I’m F#ckin Back B!tch
  2. Scopin’ (Make Ammends)
  3. Mirrorgurl
  4. Four Praise
  5. The Ridge Ave Bounce / Club Loveshack Skit
  6. ZRollercoaster
  7. Alive (Reprise)
  8. Oh, So Yall Like Girls W Deep Voices Now? (Drench Flow)

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