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Yeat has been a force in the new wave of so called “rage” music that has been dropping. Despite his young age & recent popularity, his work ethic has been impressive to say the least. Dropping three mixtapes & an EP in 2021 alone has added to his growth as an artist, becoming possibly the most prominent in his lane. Not only has his consistency in his official discography helped him receive notoriety, so have his leaks. While there are plenty of “Unreleased Mixes” that can be found on YouTube & a plethora of YouTube channels dedicated to compiling leaks, there are few playlists.

Yeat Archive

Here is The Yeat Archive. This YouTube playlist aims to be a complete compilation of Yeat tracks, being updated as actively as possible. Some tracks that can found in the playlist include:

  1. Countin up (ft. Summrs)
  2. New X (Prod. Karegi)
  3. New Opp
  4. Sick (Prod. ginseng + cedric madden)
  5. Not Tha Same (Prod. Clibbo + Fallwood)
  6. We All Humans, We Gon Cry
  7. Talk 2 God
  8. SKAT (prod. Opium Jai)
  9. King Tonka
  10. Real Demon
  11. Seen It All (Prod. 2aab)
  12. From Me
  13. X Still
  14. √úP OFF X (Prod. Opium Jai) (w/ Playboi Carti)
  15. G Wagon (ft. Playboi Carti)
  16. Rackz
  17. Never Changed
  18. VVS (w/ Septembersrich)
  19. GRRRR & Ariba (w/ Lil Uzi Vert)
  20. MANSON FAMILY (feat. Autumn!) (Prod. Opium Jai) (w/ Playboi Carti)
  21. Damage (prod. kiloz & litothedon & tgwog)
  22. Watchu Said (w/ UnoTheActivist)
  23. Crashed Dat Bitch (w/ Lil Uzi Vert)
  24. Real Life
  25. HYD (Prod. by Curesful)
  26. Different Up
  27. Tha Bentley (prod. by Ginseng)
  28. Ball Wit Us (prod. by Skys)
  29. All Typez (Prod. by Plu2o Nash & Working on Dying)
  30. Feel Like E.T.
  31. Cold World
  32. Krazy 2 Me (Prod. by 2sided x Ssort x Mochila)
  33. Money So Big (Tour Version)
  34. Drank
  35. perctivated
  36. Spoil Me (Prod. by Curesful)
  37. Told Ya 2 (Prod. by Rision)
  38. Light It Up (Prod. by Karegi & Yeat)
  39. Luh Geek V2 (Prod. by Opium Jai)
  40. Get Up
  41. YSL Twizzy
  42. Xman (Prod. by Opium Jai)
  43. Wat U Want
  44. Wat The Deal (Prod. by Wifi)
  45. Don’t Do That (Prod. by Houssam & Who Ice)
  46. 2Nite (Prod. by Opium Jai)
  47. Alot
  48. Skatty
  49. So Geeked
  50. All 4 Nothing
  51. Cool
  52. 6 Figures
  53. Pills
  54. Oxy Got Me Dizzy
  55. Purple Lean
  56. Live (Prod. by 30nickk)
  57. In My Cup
  58. Evolve
  59. Dimonds Flawless
  60. 1st Off
  61. Ona Basis
  62. Cullinan (ft. Playboi Carti) (Prod. by Opium Jai)

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