CRIMEAPPLE 2022 Recap Playlist

New Jersey rapper CRIMEAPPLE never slows down. With four albums & two EPs through 2022, he ran on full cylinders. Projects that explored a broad range of styles, he put all his skills on full display throughout the year.

The Lord [Jaguar on Palisade 2]

Following up his 2020 release, CRIMEAPPLE dropped the sequel to Jaguar on Palisade. Just as much of a lyrical masterpiece as the previous, the album features CRIME playing with endless internal rhyme schemes. With production that fits his style flawlessly, he makes for another essential listen in his catalog.

40 Days, 40 Nights [Breakfast in Hradec]

An album with DJ Skizz, Breakfast in Hradec features some of his smoothest production for a full length release. The album sounds like a luxury vacation, but CRIME’s lyrics bring you to that place. That isn’t without the hard work though, and CRIME talks about what it takes to get there.

Manteca Mambo [Sin cortar]

Another collaboration with DJ Muggs, the duo returns to bring a full Spanish language release. While CRIME does work Spanish into his lyrics, this is his first foray into doing it for a whole album. With Muggs returning on the boards for that signature sound, they knock it out of the park once again.

Don Francisco [You’re Dead Already]

Matching the album art perfectly, You’re Dead Already has a perfectly sinister feel on the production end. With CRIME unloading his rhymes at rapid fire, his energy here is more aggressive than any of the other releases. Getting production from sought after underground producers such as Sadhugold, DJ Muggs & Oh No, he sets the stage flawlessly.

Gothic Quarter Jazz Bar [Kilómetros: A Traveler’s Guide]

As his website states, this release was inspired by his journeys away from home. With samples seemingly from all of the world, he truly captures that feeling. He never forgets where he comes from, but for once he tries to enjoy the scenery. You can find this album in full through his website.

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