CRIMEAPPLE & Preservation New Album “El León” Releasing January 26th

New Jersey rapper CRIMEAPPLE & New York producer Preservation will be releasing a new album in 2024. Titled El León, the album will release January 26th. The single for the album “Hunting Methods,” is out now.

CRIMEAPPLE & Preservation – Hunting Methods

The tracklist is as follows:

  1. El León
  2. Don’t Mention It (ft. Sadat X)
  3. Lion Vs Panther
  4. Hunting Methods
  5. Melena Dorada (ft. rlx)
  6. Fumemos
  7. Camino Solitario
  8. Vida Mentequilla
  9. Paw Prints in the Sand
  10. Quanto Te Quiero
  11. Bulevar

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