Crudchapo – Most Hated (Review)

Detroit continues adding to it’s pantheon of releases with Crudchapo.

Detroit’s scene has been on absolute fire. With rappers like 42 Dugg blowing up, Sada Baby’s absurdity on tracks, Icewear Vezzo being one of the most consistent out, and rappers like Damedot & Ace Cino keeping the streets constantly feed with multiple releases, there’s so many to look out for. So there’s bound to be newcomers around every corner, and this time we have Crudchapo. Having already gotten tracks with new school trap frontrunners like Pooh Shiesty, he’s an act that seems to be here for awhile.

His voice is far from the most dynamic in the scene. It is easily the biggest downside to his music, yet what he lacks there he makes up for in his lyrics. His bars deal with trap life, and doing whatever it takes even if you’re on your own. While rappers like Damedot & Ace Cino make consistently good music, their lyrics are limited. This is what separates Crudchapo from the crowd, by wearing his heart on his sleeve and not shying away from his issues.

This is immediately apparent for the opening track “Pain.” It’s a incredibly raw intro, dealing with the stress he’s caused his own family to make it to better things. All this while dealing with the worry of fake people that can switch on you at any second. This is far from the only track that dives deep too, “Fuck Rap” is another track where he lays down he can leave rap any second and go back to the trap. “Save By The Block” details with the daily life of trying to make it out the trap.

One of the biggest highlights here is “A.T.A to C.P.T,” which is a packed posse cut. The album is mostly a solo effort, fitting with the lyrics, but here he taps in T. Dot Pringle, UpUp Vonnie & Lom Rudy. Everyone shows out on this track, trading verses on the track. They all hit the track with their signature flows, and Crudchapo describes the connection to the others on the track.

The burgeoning scene of Detroit has been mesmerizing. The amount of talent that seems to pop up daily is absurd, and Crudchapo is no exception. To have such a solid project early on and cosigns this big is a sign of great things to come. There are things that could be better, production could be more interesting for one. These small criticisms however are things that could make his next album just that much better.

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