Curren$y 2022 Recap Playlist

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Curren$y once discussed in his 2021 No Jumper interview that he had completed everything he wanted to financially, and his current music was for his son. All the money he currently makes he stated that he planned to give to his son’s financial future, and with that in mind, you do feel a slight change in his music. While the music is still focused on the weed smoke & luxury cars, he drops these hints of financial hustler music & how to achieve the success. Within that year alone he released a total of eight projects, and the grind didn’t stop in 2022.

No Yeast (ft. Boldy James) [Continuance w/ The Alchemist]

Originally supposed to have dropped amongst his 2021 run, the album was pushed back into 2022. While it was disappointing to have waited, it paid off with being one of the best albums of 2022 immediately. Not only had the chemistry between Curren$y & The Alchemist had grown, both stepped up their game as well. Alchemist notoriety as a producer had only grown, he proved here what it was all for; providing some of his most layered & interesting production to date.

One Track Mind [Spring Clean 2 w/ Fuse]

Following up his previous collab with 808 Mafia producer Fuse, Curren$y returned for a more trap influenced sound. Aggressive due to the production but forever as smooth as possible, Curren$y sounds as confident as ever. Tracks like “One Track Mind” showcase him just as focused as ever, showing him putting all the non-important things to the side & embracing his own life.

N*ggas acting like I never did what I done
Fuck it, I don’t like n*ggas, I just love my son
Bitches gettin’ in the way of my millions

Gimme Yours (ft. Mac) [The 8 Ball Jacket]

Unfortunately never hitting proper streaming services, Curren$y had dropped a whole tape over plenty of classic beats. Going over beats from the likes of 50 Cent / G Unit, Tha Dogg Pound & AZ just to name a few, Curren$y gives an absolutely fresh twist to the classics. Applying features from new hustler music rapper Premo Rice, as well as a fresh as ever feature from Mac of No Limit Records, the tape is extremely enjoyable in such a short run time. Full mixtape can be found on Youtube.

[8 Ball Jacket 2]

Wasting no time at all, Curren$y quickly followed up the original 8 Ball Jacket with its sequel just a month apart. Following the same concept, Curren$y approaches another roulette of classics, including classics from the likes of Mac Dre & Mobb Deep. This tape seemed to have gone more under the radar the previous, not even being able to find a proper tracklist, but it surely shouldn’t be skipped. Full tape can be found on Youtube.

Oct. 23rd / Low (ft. Rob49) [The Drive In Theatre Part 2]

Following up one of his most underrated tapes, Curren$y drops a part two to his 2014 mixtape. It might not capture that cool mob atmosphere of the original, but it does throw a modern spin on the original. Seeing features from other Jet Life members I’sis & Fendi P, as well as NOLA native Rob49, the tape plays directly into Curren$y strengths.

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